339: AstroViz 2018

Jun. 13, 2018 – Jun. 15, 2018

Pasadena, CA

A workshop exploring the many aspects of astronomical visualization for science communication

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Application Deadline: March 6th!

The AstroViz 2018 workshop will provide an opportunity for professionals in astronomical visualization and communication to meet, share techniques, and develop strategies & best practices for asset development and sharing. The goal is to restablish a functional community of practice that will become a platform for ongoing collaboration and facilitate increasing awareness and interactions with the larger astronomy outreach, education, and research communities.

The workshop is geared towards the interests of the following:

  • Visualization Creators
    • Imaging experts who render data into public-friendly images
    • Astronomers who develop visual representations of data/simulations
    • Artists who develop science-based visuals (CG, animations, stills)
    • Video producers who create/utilize visualization assets
  • Informal Education Specialists
    • Center-based outreach
    • Museums/Planetariums
    • University
  • Developers
    • Planetarium software
    • Interactive web developers
    • VR/AR developers
    • Mobile developers

Please read through the Scope & Themes for more details about the topics to be covered.

Applications will be accepted through 9 March 2018, with full registration to be opened to accepted participants soon thereafter.


While the workshop will be limited to approximately 50 participants due to venue constraints, live streaming and video archives will be made available during and after the event for the extended community. Livestream details will be posted closer to the event dates.

AstroViz 2018


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